Sleek Quilt Heat Pump Designed by Ex-Apple, Tesla, and Nest Engineers

Tesla heat pump

Heating and air conditioning units are typically unremarkable, characterized by their functional but aesthetically lackluster designs—from metallic outdoor boxes to plastic indoor units. This innovative heat pump startup launched its first line of products on Wednesday, showcasing designs that reflect the expertise of former employees from Apple, Nest, Google, and Tesla.

Designed for individual room heating and cooling, these units come with a user-friendly app and a Dial, similar to a thermostat, allowing users to control temperatures throughout their homes. Additionally, the indoor units offer customizable appearances; users can choose an oak wood veneer for a standout look or paint and wallpaper the front panel for a more integrated appearance.

Heat pump by Apple

Quilt is dedicated to enhancing the entire user experience, simplifying everything from purchase to installation—including handling permits. The cost for a single-zone setup is $6,499 before rebates, slightly above the median price for similar installations according to Rewiring America. While this may be cost-effective for open layouts that require only one unit, outfitting an entire home with Quilt could become expensive.

The quality of Quilt’s products justifies their premium price. The outdoor unit boasts an impressive 18,000 BTUs and retains 90% of its heating capacity even at -13 degrees F. The indoor units are equally robust, each delivering 9,000 BTUs, and two can be linked to a single outdoor unit. The system uses R-32 refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential than the more common R-410a, contributing to its high-efficiency and performance ratings.

The design of the indoor and outdoor units is reminiscent of vintage Apple products and includes advanced technological features. The Dial, equipped with a touchscreen and rotary control, manages multiple rooms and supports both Thread and Matter smart home protocols. The accompanying app enables users to adjust settings across the house and tailor the system’s response when rooms are not in use.

Sleek Quilt heat pump

Quilt Not your typical heating and air conditioning unit, Quilt redefines the category with stylish, intuitive designs expected from alumni of top tech companies. Each unit is engineered to efficiently heat and cool individual rooms and offers customizable designs through an accessible app and an innovative thermostat-like Dial.

Quilt heat pump mounted in a kitchen. Quilt offers customizable front panels, allowing integration into various home decors beyond the standard white mini-split. Quilt Quilt is revolutionizing the heat pump experience, overseeing each step from purchase to installation, including permits. Pricing starts at $6,499 before rebates for a single zone.

Quilt’s outdoor unit is sleek and inconspicuous. Quilt Priced slightly above the median for single-zone heat pumps, Quilt offers a solid deal for spaces suitable for single-unit use. However, equipping an entire house could exceed average costs for complete home setups as suggested by Rewiring America.

Quilt’s designs and functionality command a higher market price. Its outdoor unit operates at a robust 18,000 BTUs and efficiently heats down to -13 degrees F. Each indoor unit outputs 9,000 BTUs, and up to two can connect to one outdoor unit. Utilizing R-32 refrigerant, the system ranks high in efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Innovative Quilt heat pump

Besides the sleek, Apple-like aesthetics, Quilt’s system is loaded with computing capabilities. The Dial, featuring both touchscreen and rotary functionalities, controls multiple rooms and is compatible with major smart home standards. The app provides extensive control options for iOS and Android users, adjusting room temperatures and system behavior for unoccupied spaces.

The Quilt Dial efficiently manages temperature settings across different zones. Quilt The Sense module, positioned below the mini-split, handles the computing for each zone and includes a millimeter-wave occupancy sensor that outperforms traditional passive infrared sensors by avoiding false vacancy readings. This ensures effective climate control while relaxing or sleeping.

Quilt’s indoor units are notably compact, fitting above windows and doors—often requested but rarely accommodated by other brands. They also feature optional color-customizable accent lighting.

Pre-orders for Quilt begin Wednesday, with installations starting this summer in the San Francisco Bay Area and expanding to Los Angeles in the fall. Additional regions will follow based on demand. Last month, Quilt secured a $33 million Series A funding to advance these innovative heat pumps from concept to market, described by co-founder and CEO Paul Lambert as transitioning from an “R&D organization” to a “real company.”

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