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Welcome to Startup India. Our focus lies on startups, business initiation, entrepreneurship, and the latest news and events within the startup ecosystem.

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Our goal is to support up-and-coming entrepreneurs in starting their successful businesses. We provide valuable articles on how to create a business and keep you informed about major events in the startup world. Whether you’re just beginning or you’re already on your entrepreneurial journey, our content is designed to cover all the key areas you’ll need.

Meet the Team


Melisa Kovacevic

After college, Melisa, full of ideas, started a platform with Mihailo to share insights on entrepreneurship.

Her focus: straightforward and practical advice for startups.

mihailo obradovic

Mihailo Obradovic

Mihailo, with extensive experience in digital marketing, turns complex market data into actionable advice for entrepreneurs. He and Melisa work together to make starting and running a business clearer for everyone.


Our expertise in entrepreneurship stems from hands-on experience and a strong understanding of digital marketing. Our commitment to assisting entrepreneurs is evident in the practical advice and insights we provide on our website.

We prioritize accurate and reliable content. Our insights come from firsthand experiences, aiming to provide dependable advice and the latest updates in the startup scene.

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Our blog is the go-to place for anyone interested in the world of entrepreneurship. We bring you the must-know info, tips from industry pros, and the latest happenings. We’re all about making sure you’re in the know and ready to make your mark.

For more detailed insights and guidance on startup capital and entrepreneurship, visit our website at Startup India.

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