Indian Startups Set to Raise $8-12 Billion This Year

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Indian startups are on a promising path to secure funding between $8-12 billion this year, according to Rajan Anandan, the managing director of Peak XV.

During his speech at StartUp Mahakumbh, Anandan highlighted the presence of approximately $20 billion in private capital that is currently uninvested but earmarked for investment in private firms and startups across India.

“Last year, it was USD 7 billion, which people said is low. It could have been zero because basically, six years of funding came in two years. This year we are well on track to USD 8-10 or 12 billion. We are going to have an ecosystem which is going to have USD 10-12 billion for a few years and it will go at the natural pace that it should,” said Anandan.

Historically, Indian startups witnessed a significant increase in investment, with the combined investment run rate surging from around $8-10 billion to $60 billion in 2021 and 2022.



Anandan highlighted the importance of securing an annual funding of around $10 billion to improve and expand the startup ecosystem in India. He also pointed out a notable shift in the focus of funding within the US, moving towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and next-generation software companies.

This shift highlights the global recognition of India’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Currently, 20 Indian startups have made their mark on the public market, with projections indicating that up to 100 startups could go public in the next 7-8 years.

This optimistic outlook is supported by a noticeable increase in funding at different stages for startups in India, signaling a promising future for startups in the country.

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