7 Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Best TV Commercials of all time

Marketing is about crafting a message that resonates with people.

It’s the art of making a brand memorable and ensuring it’s the one we think of first.

Good marketing makes us familiar with a brand, building a level of trust that influences our buying decisions.

It’s the reason we remember a brand and feel confident choosing its products.

Now, let’s check out some of the most successful campaigns out there.

Best Viral TV Commercials ever

1. Pepsi’s Halloween Surprise

For Halloween in 2013, Pepsi came up with a cheeky ad that showed a Pepsi can wearing a Coca-Cola cape, hinting that choosing Coke on Halloween might be a bit spooky. This light-hearted poke at their rival wasn’t just for laughs; it stuck with people way after the holiday was over.

The ad’s brilliance was in its straightforwardness and the message it carried. It didn’t need fancy graphics or a big story. It just used a little humor and the idea of “scary” to suggest Pepsi was the friendlier choice. This got people talking and sharing the ad online, making more people see it than initially planned.

The campaign’s success was also due to its perfect timing with Halloween, a time when everyone’s up for a bit of fun and disguise. Pepsi’s ad reminded us that marketing can be effective without being too serious, and sometimes, all you need is a fun little twist to make a big impact.

While it may not be a typical branding approach, it shows us how good timing can increase the reach.

2. Snickers: Hunger Alters You

Snickers hit the nail on the head with a simple truth: when you’re hungry, you’re not quite yourself.

Their campaign, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry,” turned this idea into a series of funny ads that everyone could relate to.

They showed people acting out of character because they were hungry, then turning back into their normal selves after eating a Snickers bar.

And it’s quite simple to remember all these ads since they usually hire famous faces(like Betty White) for them.

The message was clear: Snickers is the go-to snack when hunger strikes and changes your mood.

3. Nike’s Call to Action

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is a powerful motivator that has reached millions around the world.

Launched in 1988, it brought a simple yet profound message: don’t wait, just do it.

This slogan wasn’t just about sports or athletic wear. It was an invitation to push beyond limits, to take that first step towards your goals, no matter how big or small.

What made “Just Do It” stand out and stick to was how it made people feel. It wasn’t just for elite athletes but for anyone wanting to get off the couch and move.

It spoke to the dreamer in all of us, urging us to start now, not tomorrow.

The genius of this campaign was its focus on inspiration over product. Just what a sports clothing brand needs.

4. Dove Redefines Beauty

Back in 2004, Dove started showing ladies that beauty isn’t just about being skinny. They had commercials with women of all different looks – tall, short, or with curves. They came in all colors too! Dove wanted to show that every girl is beautiful, no matter what. They called it their “Real Beauty” campaign.

These ads made a big difference. For the first time, many girls saw ladies like themselves on TV! It started lots of good talks about what true beauty means. Dove’s message really hit home – we should all feel good about ourselves no matter what others say.

But Dove didn’t stop there. They did more than just commercials. They had workshops and videos too. All about building confidence in who you are. Dove wanted everyone to know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. They wanted us to challenge what the media says beauty “should” look like.

5. L’Oréal Says “You’re Worth It!”

For over 50 years now, L’Oréal has been telling ladies that they are worth taking care of themselves. Their slogan “Because You’re Worth It” isn’t just words – it’s a message of power! This has really stuck with women all around the globe. It encourages all of us to love our looks and know our own value.

L’Oréal wants us to see their products as more than just makeup or skin creams. They want them to help build our confidence too! By saying “You’re Worth It”, L’Oréal is saying things like beauty aren’t just for fun – they are things we all deserve. This simple phrase has helped L’Oréal stand out from other brands.

And they don’t just say it, they show it too! On TV you see famous ladies and everyday people using L’Oréal. This proves beauty isn’t just for some – it’s for every girl.

By including everyone, L’Oréal has made their brand about feeling good about yourself. They want all ladies to know we should take care of ourselves because our self-worth has no limits!

6. Red Bull Gives You Wings

Back in the day, Red Bull came out with a killer slogan: “Red Bull Gives You Wings”! Their commercials were so fun – they showed people doing awesome stuff after drinking Red Bull.

Like, a student would drink one and suddenly ace their huge test! Or an athlete would drink one and break a huge record! It was hilarious but it also got their message across loud and clear.

That message was that Red Bull gives you a boost to do more. Whether you had a long day of classes or work, or you were training for a big game – Red Bull would help you power through it! The idea of “wings” was perfect too. It made you picture yourself soaring after just one sip.

And everyone could relate to needing an extra push sometimes. Red Bull made their brand about living life to the fullest. Is it any wonder they are so popular with young people? Red Bull represents energy, adventure and not taking things too seriously.

7. GoPro: Capture Your World

A while back, GoPro came up with a super fun idea – their “Awards” campaign! They asked people to send in their best videos and photos taken with a GoPro camera. And these weren’t your average shots – we’re talking surfing huge waves, skydiving from planes, and way more crazy cool stuff! GoPro wanted to showcase just how rugged and versatile their cameras are.

But submitting your clips wasn’t just about maybe winning prizes. It was an invitation to join a worldwide group of adventure-seekers! People love GoPro because it lets them capture experiences in a way no regular camera can. Now GoPro was giving users a chance to share those moments.

You could see videos from all over, of people doing amazing things. It showed what GoPros can do in anyone’s hands. No wonder they became so popular!

Final Thoughts

You gotta hand it to those big companies – their ads knew how to get our attention! From Snickers making us laugh at being hangry to GoPro pushing us to share our wildest moments, each one found its fun way to make us remember them. But it was more than just trying to sell stuff.

They showed that good marketing isn’t just yelling “Buy me!” over and over. It’s about making a real connection. Telling a cool story that we want to be part of. Maybe even changing how we think a little. Like when Dove said all women are beautiful – that meant something.

These brands proved you don’t have to be serious either. In fact, funny or exciting works way better! Who doesn’t want to have an adventure and share it, like in the GoPro ads? They made using their products look like so much fun.

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